Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Yes it has been quite some time since a full fledged entry in the world of blogdom.

It has been a purposeful abandonment from making entries.

My travel to Vatican City, Rome, and Italy during this past Easter Season left me with much to process and ponder.  It would have been a dis-service to just shoot some off the cuff comments here and there.  The truth is my travel turned into a pilgrimage and I am still being affected.

Upon my return I found myself having no desire to give words to what my senses experienced let alone my heart in a little mountain-top community in Collavalenza.

It was there that I was introduced--via a new friend, Alfredo--to the life of Venerable Mother Esperanza.  It was there that I was profoundly affected.
It was there that, once again, the gift of spiritual perspective was granted.

A day before I knelt in St. Francis's little church in Assisi
And then days later I knelt at the crucifix where Padre Pio received a phenomenal blessing...

So, my friends words are not possible.

This pilgrimage silenced me.

There will be a time when I will begin to write again. So much is stirring...
There may even be another book.

For now though---pray and fast.