Sunday, November 16, 2014


yes  I am still here...though my ventures into the virtual world of internet have been sporadic at best.  No, I am thoroughly enjoying my drought of creativity which I am sure has connections to spiritual challenges.  Nonetheless there are still two works in progress...the forever in draft mode of the children's book and a new retreat manual unlike any other retreat manual every seen.  Why? I have no idea...i pray it is inspiration or at the very least the weather has calmed the growing and harvesting season down.  It's time to hunker down, pray and as always fast.

with prayers for God's presence to you.

Friday, August 15, 2014

A Lost Shepherd, Michael Ripple: What a Ride

A Lost Shepherd, Michael Ripple: What a Ride: So it has been a while. Much has happened. All Grace.... And what a ride it has been! I began my sabbatical about year ago. I shut d...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Yes it has been quite some time since a full fledged entry in the world of blogdom.

It has been a purposeful abandonment from making entries.

My travel to Vatican City, Rome, and Italy during this past Easter Season left me with much to process and ponder.  It would have been a dis-service to just shoot some off the cuff comments here and there.  The truth is my travel turned into a pilgrimage and I am still being affected.

Upon my return I found myself having no desire to give words to what my senses experienced let alone my heart in a little mountain-top community in Collavalenza.

It was there that I was introduced--via a new friend, Alfredo--to the life of Venerable Mother Esperanza.  It was there that I was profoundly affected.
It was there that, once again, the gift of spiritual perspective was granted.

A day before I knelt in St. Francis's little church in Assisi
And then days later I knelt at the crucifix where Padre Pio received a phenomenal blessing...

So, my friends words are not possible.

This pilgrimage silenced me.

There will be a time when I will begin to write again. So much is stirring...
There may even be another book.

For now though---pray and fast.