Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Yes, This Happened.

Middle of Lent is nearing...time for a little smile with purpose..

Meanwhile, at some sort of joint ecumenical procession...

I believe it is from 2008...but still rather funny.

I have to admit...In my younger more 'radical' days I would have been the one dressed as Darth--just to get a point across.  It is as if he is really leading them...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jerusalem, Jerusalem....

I just noticed a religious website offering home delivery of supplies for the end of the world or some other (perhaps even hoped for) catastrophic event.  I had pledged to myself months ago that my keeping informed and checking out some occasional sites did nothing for my spiritual development--I was right.  Perhaps my new 'fasting' is taking shape.

Let's sell fear and market it as Catholic and Christian.

Yep you can have your canned beans, dehydrated water, and special holy candles...

Thank you Jesus for dying for us and conquering evil and eternal death---so we can find a niche and a nice marketable product that can be baptized and sold on the tails of your tunic.

What the heck.

It's exactly what the devil wants...focus on all the wrong stuff and in all the wrong direction.  Fear mongering does just that.  After all it's easier to order online supplies and fuel the so called 'ministry' back pockets, than it is to.... say...make amends and offer forgiveness.  Do you really think Jesus cares where you got your supplies from?

I recall, once in Medjugorje, there were rosaries that had the 'secret' stars of the masons or demons or something imprinted on the crucifix.  It was a big deal--but Fr. Jozo put it to rest by saying 'Once it is blessed...it really doesn't matter.  The intention of the one praying with the rosary is what matters."

Wait, wait...this is about to get even better....And, to top it off....on the same day that I came across the end of the world package--my wife heard a sermon where the priest shared that housewives (yes really that term was used) aren't to pray all the time because they have their womanly duties of caring for the home.  In other words, you better leave the praying to the men?
She told me this on her way to work!

Are we never going to get it?

Maybe the real catastrophe is bad preaching and ego-centered presiding (sorry, did I say that?)

Jerusalem Jerusalem....

Friday, February 20, 2015

Way of the Cross Stations VIII-XIV

Since Friday is upon us--it is only fitting that we complete this devotion. I understand they aren't a polished publication--but I thought it would be nice to have them on your 'device' to pull up and say a prayer.
If anything, I hope these short reflections stirred a little connection in you with your Creator... prayers for a holy Lent--MR

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