Saturday, November 24, 2012

Poem of the Man God Maria Valtorta

Yesterday I took a 'black Friday' motorcycle ride.
It was brief and somewhat windy.  Two hours after parking the bike we had snow.
I got the last ride in--just in time.
With winter upon us I vowed to finish a few of the books I began last spring and summer.  I sat in front of the fire with The Poem of the Man God.
I quote from an earlier post...

 The Poem of the Man God by Maria Valtorta.  I wished I had read this back in seminary.  I am well aware of the controversy surrounding The Poem and I suggest the reader take a look at the above link concerning the Church's stance.  As recent events in the life of the church have shown--the greatest threat to the church is certainly not The Poem of the Man God.

Here is a part that struck me.  It is when Jesus first meets Judas and Thomas.
"Why are you looking for Me?"
"To follow You, if You will allow us, because You have words of truth."
"Follow me?  But do you know where I am going?"
"No, Master, but certainly to glory."
"Yes.  But not to a glory of this world.  I am going to a glory which is in Heaven and is conquered by virtue and sacrifice.  Why do you want to follow Me?"  He asks them again.
"To take part in Your glory."
"According to Heaven?"
"Yes, according to Heaven."
(the next part is what struck me)
"Not everybody is able to arrive there.  Because Mammon lays more snares for those yearning for Heaven than for the others.  And only he who has strong will power can resist.  Why follow Me, if to follow Me implies a continuous struggle against the enemy, which is in us, against the hostile world, and against the Enemy who is Satan?"


So, why do I continue to try to follow Christ?  Why continue to struggle to resist the Mammon?  Why?
What is the Mammon in my life that I have decided to pursue and serve?
The exchange continues between Judas and Jesus with Jesus not accepting Judas's request to become a disciple.  Instead he sends him away to examine his motives and desires.
Of course we know what happens...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Okay--This Is Messy Ex-Priest Stuff

Read this...

"....Thomas Groome, an ex-priest who serves as national co-chairman of Catholics for Obama.
Groome, who has criticized Catholic teaching on women’s ordination, wrote in 2002 that “the presence of women as priests and bishops would be an extraordinary gift to the life of the Catholic Church.” In one work, he wrote:
I visited [Rome] on the Feast of the Epiphany, January 6, 2000 … I was present for the papal mass on that Epiphany morning, and the liturgy reflected the same exclusivity – no women or people of color in the sanctuary, only white men and none of them looked poor. Now I found myself wondering if Jesus, who founded a radically inclusive community of disciples – catholic at its best – would recognize any of this as his legacy..."
It was taken from catholic culture. org 

Here is the part that gets me--the description of Thomas Groome, an 'ex-priest'.

Guys like him give guys like me a bad rap, (come to think of it--for a few years I did quite well at giving myself a bad rap, but I digress).
Here is my issue...if you are so blatantly disgusted with the Roman Catholic Church why you still hanging around?

I used the term 'ex-priest' in a memoir title--not to give the impression of authority or even to share an agenda.

If the title is used incorrectly, it comes off like the person has the inside scoop on what is really 'wrong' with the Church and it can play to a broad audience of people with a variety of issues (woman, birth control, and societal injustices to name a few).

The reality is--Thomas Groome shares nothing more than an opinion...just like this 'ex-priest' did.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Pilgrimage is Good for the Soul

There is something spiritual about a physical journey.
Make a pilgrimage this year!!!

Check out the pilgrimage page for the latest offerings!!!

The May Medjugorje Pilgrimage was just arranged after a few young people felt called by the Holy Spirit (and the Blessed Virgin) to undertake the journey.  It's a great story. We'd love to have you come along!  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Humility obliterates pride.
But it isn't easy.  
Humility is uncomfortable.
We want the favored seat, the place of prominence, the people to agree with me.
And we may even feign false humility--just to make us feel good about appearing humble.
Want to be humble?  Then look to the cross--no really take some time today and stare at a crucifix.

That man had it all.
He could cast out demons, heal the sick and lame.
He would never go hungary--loaves and fishes.
He evened raised the dead.

He gave it all up.
For you.
In His humility, through His humility, by His humility--for me, for you.

Got issues?--Get humble.  
Fast, pray and get to work.

Friday, November 9, 2012


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