Monday, May 16, 2011

Vicka, Healings, Mass and Tihaljina

Monday morning began in a crowded street in front of the visionary Vicka's house.  It was unusual this time because she had the crowd pray in silence for over 30 minutes---very powerful experience for many in our group.

My son got a little closer but was called a 'bastard' by some Italian women--nice.  Vicka shared our call to live fasting and prayer and bible and Eucharist and Confession.  She spent some extra time sharing her concern for the faith of the youth.  She also spoke about the reality of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory and how so many people fail to believe (priests included).
We then travelled to Tihaljina for Mass with prayers for Healing.  Fr. William Kiel celebrated Mass and laying on of hands while the other priests heard confessions.

I snapped this photo of the famous statue on the way out the door...pretty amazing.
Please know of my continued prayers for those who are reading this blog.