Thursday, May 5, 2011

Advent Time

I know, I know.  I'm about six months ahead.
But Advent is the best way I can explain what it feels like.

My wife has been very busy working on all the final details of taking 42 people on pilgrimage to Medugorje.
She has such patience.
Actually she doesn't want me doing any of the upfront people stuff because I tend to be "just a little too abrupt."

So I sit and watch and occasionally run the necessary clerical errands.
Oh, and I pray.

We began the Novena to the Holy Spirit just a couple days ago.  For me that's like putting up the Nativity Scene in Advent.  I love the anticipation.

In a few short days I will be pushing people (excuse me--gently leading  and directing people) through the airports and border crossings.  I will be loading and unloading luggage and of course sitting back and just watching.

I love watching the Holy Spirit work.
I love watching Mary take her childrens' hands.
I love watching conversion--real conversion.
It's like watching love storys unfold all around me.  And, (contrary to the popular belief of my family and close friends)--I am somewhat of a sensitive romantic.

I haven't decided as of yet--the prayer is still out on this one--but I may give an occasional update on this blog while in Medugorje.
For now--please offer a prayer or two for all who have been called on this journey.

Another Advent event on the horizon has been my rewrite of the book;  The Lost Shepherd; an Ex-Priest's Journey from Sin to Salvation --due for publication in 2012. As any editing goes it has been simultaneously cathartic and lethargic.  Come Holy Spirit!