Saturday, May 28, 2011

Really? An Elite Church?

Check these following quotes taken from OSV pertaining to catholic home schooling
A priest by the name of Rev. Peter M.J. Stravinskas (who is the director of the Catholic Education Foundation)  shared his defense of parish catholic education as opposed to homeschooling catholic education.

“There are several reasons to prefer Catholic schools….catechesis is the job of the whole Church, with the main responsibility resting on the shoulders of the pastor, not the parents.”  He went on to state that homeschooling can lead to anti-clericalism; “That leads to subtle anti-clericalsim…because the children learn that priests cannot be counted on to hand on the faith.  It shows in what he sees as a dearth of vocations from home school families.” gets better,  “He also believes it is psychologically unhealthy for mothers to spend 24 hours a day with their children as they get older…”
And one more, 
“That sets up an elite, a church within a church, and that is to be avoided.”

I hope OSV published this in order to help this priest flaunt his ignorance.
Point one—What if (and I know this is hard to believe) a pastor is not invested in the school…no wait.  What if a pastor is not invested in the Faith?  What if a pastor may not even believe in anything? 
You mean to tell me that every pastor who has a school under his care is praying and fasting for the propagation of the Roman Catholic Faith?  I wish I had a quarter for every priest who told me of the headaches of his parish school and how he wishes he didn’t have one. Here is the truth Father Stravinskas, not only are some of the pastor’s not invested but the faith that is being taught by some of your parochial schools is often times nothing but watered down generic cultural hallmark card beliefs that Oprah could teach.  The parochial schools sold their souls to non catholic money.  And let’s not even mention the elephant in the room—what drives many parochial schools?----the sports agenda—not the faith agenda. 

Point 2: Let me ask three questions—How many priests living in a rectory together are praying together?  (How many are actually praying??...ouch)  How many catholic home school families are praying together?  What nurtures vocations?—funny I heard it was prayer.

Why can’t that priest accept responsibility for the real reasons why men don’t want to become part of the “club”?

Point 3
Really?? Psychologically unhealthy??  What would the Virgin Mary say to that one?

Point 4—Elite church?  Home schooling?  Come one does he really want to go down that road?  Some of  the elite churches I’ve seen through the years have been the underground repressed sexual one,  the fiscally irresponsible spend the peoples’ money on lavish rectory’s one, the ivory tower administrative one, the mega program buy the latest magic bullet faith formation one—really should I continue?  And he's worried about an elite church from homeschoolers?