Saturday, May 14, 2011

Apparition Hill

A few photographs from our group praying their way to the top.
Miracles? 5 adults over the age of 83 ( i have no idea how many fake hips or knees that includes) ---went up and descended with no problems no issues and a few phenomenal experiences.

The photographs give you an idea of the terrain but not the temperature--pushing mid 80's--so i carried extra water.

"The road to heaven is not easy..."

"When you are old, someone will fasten your belt and lead you..."                             

"Lord, no longer my will must exist...but Your will must exist in me."

Pilgrimage to Medugorje is filled with prayer, climbing, walking, prayer, Eucharist, confession, prayer, Mass, prayer, eating (there is the saying in Medugorje that pilgrims do not need to fast--while i am not too sure about it--i tend to take advantage of the local custom and enjoy the food)

As I write this post a group of people just arrived back at the house following Adoration and another just came in after doing a solo nighttime hike up Cross Mountain-people connecting with the Holy at all hours.
Connecting with the Holy--not easy for anyone who is honest.
It isn't easy because it means becoming selfless.  Really, it does.  
Honesty is self truth. 
And if we are completely honest with ourselves we realize that we really don't matter.
We realize that it really is about losing our own will and living God's.
But dishonesty gets in the way--and that is the fertile ground for pride---and we know where pride originates.

These hills can knock the pride out of you. 

Get rid of pride and then honesty can have a home.  
You don't need to be in Medugorje for this to happen--but it sure makes it easier because it is more difficult to get caught up in the fluff of life and avoid what you really need for spiritual sustenance.