Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Judgement Day, Planting Seeds, and the Mother of God

In a few hours I will be departing on pilgrimage to Medugorje.

Whether or not I blog from there remains yet to be seen--it depends on the Holy Spirit.

A few thoughts before I leave:
First--billboards.  There are two advertising campaigns going on in my area.  A church has been advertising its Sunday services and I just received an invite in the mail.  Funny though--the name of God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit is never mentioned.  I'm still not sure what the church is.  The other campaign being promoted via billboards is Judgement Day--which is apparently slated for May 21, 2011.

Come on--everyday could be Judgement Day.  I know, I know--I'm missing the mark, they are probably alluding to the end of our present world and the prophecies of the second coming of Christ.    But think about it--why not just simply live as St. Benedict suggested--keeping death always before us?
It's great for perspective.
So, clean your soul and always be ready.

That's what Medugorje is about.  It's about being taken up in the love of Christ and it is the Mother of Christ who helps you.  It's about living a life of love and joy and honesty and forgiveness.  It's about embracing the cross and passion and suffering.  It's about complete surrender of your way into God's.
I am so graced to witness this happen to so many people on these trips.
Often times throughout her preparation and planning of the pilgrimage my wife will ponder aloud; "I wonder who this trip is for?"  It's a good question because Medugorje is a lot like the parable of the sower.
Some seed fell on a path that was quickly eaten.
Some seed sprouted --but had no roots
Some seed took and yielded a hundred fold
I've watched it happen to people.

Do me a favor and pray for our pilgrimage.