Monday, May 16, 2011

Really...what did you come here to see?

Alright here's the deal.  I've spent enough time in crowds in the midst of holy places for the past few days and have a few thoughts.
Today, we were asked to stand and pray in silence while Vicka prayed for each and everyone of us.  People lasted about 10 minutes before they became 'bored'.
They snapped their photos, turned, and then started shopping for souvenirs--yep that's what its about--great PR for the church right?  Let me get this straight--Vicka tells us she is going to pray for you and you get bored, turn and leave? 
What did you come hear to see?  Didn't Jesus ask that question to those who were coming to see Him but really didn't like what they found?

Mass is another issue.  You leave to go to Holy Communion and come back to your pew now taken by some other pilgrims who want a seat for the next Mass.

A crystal clear experience of the juxtaposition of Good and Evil.  I'm not even talking about the thieves that frequent places like this.  I'm talking about the gracious and good people of God (sarcasm)
The devil does not even need to force big guns--he uses impatience, greed, gluttony, self rightousness and some anger and anything else that keeps the soul away from its Creator.

Yesterday at Eucharistic Adoration in the parish chapel I watched as a little toddler kept running up to the tabernacle and blowing kisses to was great.
Until some sour person shook their head in disgust and whispered to their neighbor who agreed that it was a sacrilege.

Come on, let the kids come to Him.
Come on, why not let ourselves come to Him? 
What is neat about this pilgrimage is that I get to pray for and witness people discover and reignite their faith.