Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mount Krisevac---Cross Mountain

So here is why I have no photographs of our actual trek up the mountain--it was dark.
The first trek occurred late last evening (as reported). .A few from our small group went barefoot.  I chose not to enter into the penitential in that manner--none the less it was the longest and most disorienting climb and descent that I have ever experienced.  Satan was pinging a few people along the way.  One person shared their struggle and i simply said, 'satan is pinging you--get Jesus in there and use His name.'

Just before we reached the top--the moon was full and amazing.  Soon it was behind a cloud--it reminded me of the opening scene in the Passion of the Christ where Jesus was in the garden.  At the top--the wind was brutal and I hunkered down alongside the cross.

Some people went to confession
It was awesome.

My wife, son and I began down the hill--by the ninth station we only had one working light and by the seventh station I tripped and broke my wife's walking stick.

Mt. Krisevac afar
So many prayers up and down these hills.  With each step- Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy.  Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me a sinner.  Jesus. Mary---what ever your words they ought to become words for the spiritual life, each step, every day.
That was last night.

Now here is our day.
This morning I snapped a photo of Cross Mountain from our pansion just so yomu had a point of reference.

We met for a talk by Ivan behind St. James.
Here is a line I loved: "The world is in a spiritual coma"

I'd say most churches are in a spiritual coma.  Think about it.
Our lovely group
you have to get it all done within 50 minutes on a Sunday.
I believe that the spiritual coma has been, at times, encouraged by some leaders and pastors who have lost heart and have allowed pride to control their priesthood and not Jesus (sorry did I write that?)
Here's a group shot of everyone--like deer in the headlights?

Two photos of St. James while we were waiting to attend Holy Mass.
One of my favorite times is when the people of God are entering and leaving the Church.  It is so peaceful and prayerful.  Mary must be joyful as she witnesses such a wonderful exchange of Christian manners.

But back to Cross Mountain.  Some people stayed back and prayed the Stations at the Risen Christ while the rest of us headed up the mountain to pray them.
It started fine.  80 degrees and sunny.
By the fifth station there was a drizzle.
By the eleventh station we were in the middle of a raging thunderstorm with all the works, lightening and thunder and downpour.
We had some people already in need of a hand here and there.  The decision was made. We would split the group--some headed down while others went up top.
I suggested that if anyone hadn't gone to confession--to do so.  No seriously, why wouldn't a storm out of nowhere be used as a sign?  And what harm would come from going to confession...ever????
Water streamed down the crevices as some headed back down.  The clouds and storm encircled the top--like Moses was going to come down with the tablets....
Stuff happens

At the bottom you ask? Well it was sunny and bright of course.
One of the miracles was that no one fell...well, I take that back, here is one....

Sometimes the hill climbs are about the destination.  Like getting to where Mary appeared and getting to the top of Krisevac.
But today, as well as last night----was all about the journey.  It was all about each station of the cross along the way.
The spiritual life is a journey and sometimes you need to go slow, step easy, trust another way, reach out for help and accept help that is freely given.  Sometimes there is mud and falling down.  Yes the journey is really all we have in this world.

And Mary is leading us....
just take her hand.