Saturday, May 21, 2011

"People forget...."

Our guide shared some of the expectations that travelers (i.e pilgrims who forget their place) encounter when they come to Medugorje.  One group, in particular complained there was no soy milk (seriously) People think that since they made the commitment and financial payment that they are deserving of something.  I'm not too sure--it's a twisted sense of entitlement.  If the sun don't spin then I better have soy milk.

"People forget" she sadly said, "...of where they are and what this is all about."
I was unable to blog our last two days because of internet connection issues in Medugorje.  People forget that it isn't about comfort.
It is about passion

Our pilgrimage ended on 5/20.  It was a blessed and graced time.  Your prayers cooperated with Grace and there were some major spiritual strides, conversions, and downright believing that occurred.  It was an amazing time.

You ought to go some time.

Some seed fell on a path--and quickly was eaten
Some seed fell on rocky soil--sprouted but later died
And some fell on fertile soil.

I'd like to wax a little on my friend's comment that 'People forget'
Not only do they forget where they are but when some people return from Medugorje--well, they simply forget.  Satan works hard in Medugorje but is even more persistent when you return home.

It feels like a dream there.  One of the best depictions of travelling to Medugorje is Narnia--it was tough to come back to the reality of living in the everyday.

I received a text from someone today
"Your in a good place if the end of the world happens today!"
He didn't know I had returned.
I texted back; "I'm home--Medugorje is in the heart anyways..."

That's where the seed needs to take root--here at home. Confession, Eucharist, Fasting, Rosary, Scripture.
The tough part?--you can't do it alone.  That's the seed that sprouts and then quickly whithers.
Satan waits behind every opportunity to derail the pilgrimage.

People forget that it takes work.  People forget that there really is no easy way other than the Way of Christ.
People forget and soon replace God with their gods, their wants, their pride, their excuses, their way.
People forget that they were called their for a reason.

While on the trip home I glanced at our group sitting in Split airport.  Some looked completely exhausted (spiritually and physically)  I knew some of their stories and tried to place myself in their position.  Some of their lives had been drastically affected--how would it be for them back home?  Would spouses understand?  Would they be able to keep their resolve?  Would they continue to grow even closer to God through Mary?
I remember our first return years ago--I was sick in my stomach.  Here I was an excommunicated Roman Catholic priest, now an Episcopal rector---and my wife and I both wanted to return to the Church?
I'd have to quit my job (obviously).  We'd have to sell our house.  We'd have to find new work and a way that allowed us tolive the messages.
So much work to do--but guess what---Mary took care of us--all the way.

She always does.
I just couldn't be a disciple of Jesus Christ without His Mom.

God Bless all who have returned from Medugorje.