Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Satan's Pings

Tissot--Jesus Tempted in the Desert
Satan pings you. Rarely is it a flat out onslaught of evil but an insipid encircling that takes jabs at you throughout the day.

The objectives of pinging are simultaneously simple and interconnected.  They are temptation, distraction, frustration, anxiety and fear.
The goal of pinging is also simple--keep the soul distracted, frustrated, anxious, or afraid just enough that it forgets God or worse--consciously turns from God.
The origins of the daily pinging we endure are found in the seven deadly sins--sins that play on human nature;
wrath, greed, pride, sloth, envy, gluttony, and lust.
And of course the ultimate origin of these is found in satan.

But the church doesn't talk about these anymore.  Why?  Is it because sin has been explained and rationalized as an excused human reaction to stress or, even worse, has sin been intellectualized to non existence?  On the rare occasion when I hear the mention of sin in a homily--the connection is never made to the presence of evil and the existence of satan. (no disrepect meant to the clergy, just an observation from the pew)  Perhaps it isn't preached because it isn't a popular product and if the church lives a philosophy of consumerism and the customers aren't buying it--well it's dropped from the product line. Satan is laughing.

But the movie theatres are full when a movie like The Rite comes out, why?  Because it plays (sometimes in a mixed up way) on that deep inherent knowledge of the human experience--- there is a battle for the soul.
Yes, the soul is created for God.  And that is the whole reason satan keeps pinging.
He wants to keep you from God.

People in the work place, and (hang on here) even in the church, are affected by the seven deadly sins everyday.
You can't tell me that greed and pride haven't replaced God.  Actually greed and pride may be two of the sins that receive the most rationalization.  After all, financial and social injustices are just the way of the world.  And, in the world today any lack of pride is interpreted as a weakness.
Use who you can to get what you want--what a bunch of crap from the father of lies.

You can't deny that lust and gluttony have control over people's lives and are excused more readily than ever.  Go ahead and feel what you want and even act on it--God will always forgive you.  Yes we believe He will--but what happens when you stop even asking for forgiveness?  Follow a sin and it becomes your
How about wrath and envy--who hasn't been on both sides of those?   And, in the time it took you to read this another soul fell victim to sloth or laziness--the spiritual quest is just too tiring and excuses are a dime dozen.

I used to think that when I was aware of being pinged it was a little easier to take.  But sometimes a ping does more than just distract or frustrate or play on a fear or anxiety.  Sometimes a ping can cut right to the heart and make the soul feel completely helpless and useless maybe even feel like God abandoned you.

Then again I am reminded of Jesus being tempted in the desert and then later on the Cross--satan didn't want what was coming so he was throwing everything he had at Christ.

If you are pinged today--look to the victory that resides only in and through Christ.