Thursday, February 3, 2011

First, about the title...

Pray-lium is a take on the latin-proelium.
"...battle, fight, strife."

There will be more on the origins of this title a little later.  For now let it suffice that it came from a recent dream.

It is also appropriate that I begin this blog asking for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Michael.

Now, let's get started.

The intention of this blog (at least the catalyst) is to share some observations about the spiritual life.  To those of you who know me or have my aquaintance, such an intention probably is no surprise.  To those who do not know me--welcome. 

We live in a time of spritual warfare.  Good and Evil coexist.

The other evening I attended the showing of the movie; The Rite.
The theatre was packed. 
People are hungry for the spiritual.  It didn't even matter the religion of the actors or those watching.  Fundamentally there is a curiosity and a hunger for the spiritual.  We are spiritual beings.  Our life is spent either cooperating with Grace or cavorting with evil.

The other week I watched an 'ex-priest' launch a book about what is wrong with the Roman Catholic Church.  He left, became an Episcopal Priest and still countinued to blast Roman Catholicism.  It made me sick in the stomach.

I was there.  I was a priest.  I left.  I married. I became an Episcopal priest--but I didn't need to continue bashing the Roman Church.  Then, years later and following an incredible conversion story, I and my family returned.

So that priest ought to study his history and then keep his mouth shut.

Evil deceives.  It lies.  It morphs.  It attracts your soul just to keep you from God and builds up your pride so you can justify your actions.
It uses every possible opportunity and pings you daily.
I've watched it.
I've battled it.
I've even given up at times.

This blog is an opportunity for new possibilities.  It is also a blog entitled; Pray-lium--because the only way do spiritual warfare is through prayer and fasting.  When we do that, lives change, people's hearts change and healings happen.

I've seen it.

And, I will write about it.