Monday, February 14, 2011

The Upper Room

I wonder what it felt like to be one of the original disciples of Christ.
To have been born into that sacred time that you were the one who was to become one of the inner twelve.
To have witnessed the miracles, the conversations and the confrontations.
To talk with Jesus about how the day went, the parable, the healing, or the crap the opposition was giving.
To gather in the upper room for Passover.
To witness (or run from) the passion and death.
To see the Resurrection (or hear about it)--and then gather in the upper room, confused, exicited, and maybe a bit frightened--by the power of God.

After all God touched earth.

Years ago I was in Medugorje and happened to be in a Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel that was packed to the point of people hanging on the stone window ledges.  It was hot and sweaty and stinky and the rosary was being prayed in a variety of languages simultaneously.
Then...pure silence.

God was touching the earth through the Mother of God.  The Mother of the Incarnate--the one who witnessed her son preach, heal, suffer, die, and rise.  For a short time, in a war torn land, Mary and Christ were simultaneously present.
Talk about the inner circle!
And she has been sharing a message, a way for our soul to reconnect with God, through her Son, wrapped in the love of the Holy Spirit.  It's the message of the ancient way that needs to be recaptured.  Pray, Fast, Receive Holy Eucharist, Go to Confession (apparently there is an app for that now??) and Read Holy Scripture.
Yeh, looks like Mary is inviting us into the upper room.  What are you waiting for?