Monday, February 28, 2011

Playing the Ex-Priest Card

Recently two ex Roman Catholic priests have been part of  their own media blitz campaign.
The first was a fellow from Miami who had a popular following in the media world.  Photographs of him on a beach with his love were circulated world wide.  Soon after he left the active ministry, married, and became an Episcopal priest.
I could empathize.  Though not on the same level by any means, but when I left the active ministry to be with my wife (of thirteen years now) we encountered not the cameras snapping photos but  instead people pointing at us while we stood at the deli counter.  There even was the occasional anonymous letter.  I must share however that the strangest reaction was that someone went through our trash--none of our neighbors--just ours.
Like I said I could empathize.
I could even understand the priest going over to the 'ecclesial cousins' house to stay.  We did the same. At one time I knelt down in front of an Episcopal Bishop as an ex-Roman Catholic priest and publicly professed allegiance to the Anglican/Episcopal Church.  When I stood up I was still an ex-Roman Catholic priest but now I had incurred an excommunication. 
Still, I could empathize.
Until recently.
Now the priest is out of the faith closet and is now bashing Rome.
And the media loves it.  After all he is one of theirs.
You left once--why keep stirring the pot?

I know why.

The second ex-priest in the news is one who is also comfortable having his name in the limelight.  This biblical scholar and leader of the modern day historical Jesus debate continues to question the divine nature of Jesus Christ.  He says he is Christian.
Okay, my degree is not in biblical scholarship and I am not entering into an academic or theological debate.  I don't have that gift.  I do know that if you don't believe in the divinity of Christ and His resurrection then you got a lot of theological work to do--let alone soul work.
Why did CNN run his story second to the unrest in Libya?  Amazing when you think of it.  Just float the headline out there that says--God did not become human.  He did not love His people by becoming one of us. He did not conquer sin and death.
Wow--talk about a quick ping from satan?

And here is the kicker--you don't even need to play the ex-priest card to attack the faith or the church.
Think about it.