Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Here is the "What"

Please, right now,  offer a prayer for all affected by the devastating storms, tornadoes and flooding.

This morning I picked up Time magazine and read the article entitled; Sex. Lies. Arrogance. What Makes Powerful Men Act Like Pigs..
This headline caught my eye simply because I thought someone in the mainstream media had the guts to state the obvious.
But it never came.
It never said the "What" of what makes powerful men act like powerful pigs.

It was a social commentary, on all those public male figures who have fallen and suggested concise behavioral and cognitive correlations.  There were valid points especially when considering entitlement and predator behavior and, don't get me wrong, it is good to heighten the public's attention. 

But it's like a homily that never gets to the next level when all the priest or deacon did was re-tell and re-imagine the Gospel account.   

So, what is the "what" ?

First you don't need to be a powerful man--
Second, Evil is the cause.  More to the point--one's willful cooperation with the demonic.
Pick your poison and then blame someone else for giving it to you or making you that way.
Then allow pride to maintain your position.  

But here is the good matter the poison, no matter the sin--Christ can break in---only when you surrender your will.
"...Thy will be done..."
But the soul needs to do the work--everyday, every moment.
Bring back the ancient practice of making pilgrimages because they outwardly signify the quest, the work, and the sacrifice that the soul needs to undertake.  In the meantime make the Stations of the Cross (they're not just for Lent you know).

I know--i'm preaching--to the choir none-the-less.
(But if you feel like someone needs to hear this--send it to them.)

We are days away from Pentecost--pray for the Holy Spirit to descend.