Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bad Dad

This past Tursday my son said to me; "Dad isn't today a holy day?"
"No.  It's just June second."

So yesterday at Mass I felt awful.
While we were leaving he said; "It's not a sin for me, it's on you...Ha!"

Though I'm sure he lost any innocence by relishing my fault, he is right.
I failed.
And here is the kicker-- This time missing Mass really bothered me.
Years back I wouldn't have thought much about it (let alone write on the matter).
But he is right--it is my responsibility--for his soul.
And his soul wasn't first on my list.
This reminds me of the time my son kept asking for new shoes.   I said to my lovely wife; "Didn't we just get him shoes?"
Turns out he was wearing shoes two sizes too small.

If anything my fault may have encouraged my son to write on the Laws of the Church.

So I pray to St. Joseph