Wednesday, June 22, 2011

blacksheepdog? the priest formerly known as corapi

Okay, I admit.  I spent a few minutes watching the latest priest who leaves with a chip on his shoulder scandal.  I even listen to an audio byte.
I will never get those minutes back--crap.

I searched 'blacksheepdog' on google and was directed to a belgian puppy website.
Give it time and a few twitters and a few hits and he'll be running his web diocese.  Remember the bishop who began a virtual diocese back in the 90's?  What was his name? And then the guy from Miami and what about that fellow in Chicago and the other guy out west who started his own church--all this year right?

There is a huge story around this one, the bad dog priest or black dog priest or sheep dog--whatever his new name is (it reminded me of the artist formerly known as prince--come to think of it perhaps his new name ought to be the priest formerly known as corapi)  This one is a carefully orchestrated leaking of scandal, rumor and extortion.  Probably movie rights have already been discussed.

So where does this leave us?
Obviously I don't know the entire story--nobody ever will.  But there is one deflection that is being floated by his camp and it goes like this---Others are at fault here not me!   Should we follow the deflections and look at the faults of the church and the bishop(s) and the magisterium as he insuates? I use to do that, it's really easy and you don't have to look too hard to find the faults.  But it's nothing more than a diversion and probably, in the end demonic.  When I first left the ministry and felt unwelcome and had no home--it was easy to ferment and find fault and blame.  Come on--man up! or priest up at least.
Finding faults is nothing more than preparation for blame (on a variety of levels)

We find faults with people all the time.  Just drive 10 miles in traffic.  Just sit in a different pew in church.  Just go visit family for more than 3 days.  You get the picture.  And it is easy to focus on our faults--I weigh too much or too little.  I'm bald.  I'm gray.  I'm not smart.  I never finished that project.

Really, finding faults is the way to spiritual depth?

I have no suggestion for the whats-up-big-dog-expriest--except this--don't leave the Church.