Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spiritual Stalls

It happens to us all.

Spiritual stalls squelch the heart of hope.
Soon questions fill your head and un-certitudes creep in. Bad things happen around you or to you.  You no longer want to be where you are at.  You try to live a good life and you try to maintain your discipline--but all you witness are injustices and greed and more greed and pride and whatever sin you want to name--and they affect you.  You get angry.  All you want is one break..one stinking little thing to 'go your way.'  You are ready and willing to serve God and go anywhere to do it--but there is no answer, no direction, you've waited for years--a true spiritual stall.

It is so easy to rationalize and maybe even fall into despair.
You begin to live in questions that cannot be answered.  You begin to think of returning back to your Egypt where at least your appetites were satiated and your stomach was full.

Spiritual stalls are part of the spiritual journey--if you didn't have them you wouldn't know that you were on the right track.  But heed the moment because satan will use a stall quicker than you can say a Hail Mary.
Spiritual stalls can become spiritual infections that wear you down.  And it is certain death to be have an infection in the desert.