Monday, October 24, 2011

St. Raphael

According to the old Roman Catholic liturgical calendar today is the Feast Day of the Archangel Raphael.
Even during my old 'progressive' days I secretly kept track of feast days that occurred on the old calendar--those mystical connections certainly weren't wiped away in 1969.
Prior to moving St. Raphael to September 29--he had is own day--and a pretty neat history.  Take a moment and read a little on him (yeh I used a gender specific pronoun to describe--)

In many ways our descriptions and stories and cultural manifestations of angels describe a spiritual reality denied in today's world.

St. Raphael is depicted either standing on a fish or holding a line with a fish at the end.
My kind of angel.  The fish has to do with the story of Tobit and his healing from blindness.  Prior to laser surgery God's approved method of healing involved the guts and gallbladder of a fish.
Because of Raphael's relationship with Tobit and his son--he is also consider the patron of travelers.

So we have an angel who sits at the Throne of God and directly intervenes in our lives.

Do you want that?
Then simply ask.
Somewhere along the line (no fishing pun intended)--Tobit asked for it.  He was healed, fed, and didn't have to travel alone.

Who couldn't use some healing and a companion on the journey?
God provides--He always does.
May the saints and angels intercede.