Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fr. Ego vs. Fr. Real

Here's a juxtaposition for you

I read a news article today about a priest who is 'revitalizing' an inner city parish.
It was all about the priest.  He is packing them in, numbers are up, baskets are full, and the best part...
The people love him.  They adore him.  You know the drill--the smooth talking schmoozer preaching feel good pop spiritual psychology (i know 'cause i did it).
The people adore him.  Throughout the story the priest's name was mentioned a bunch of times.
But guess whose name was missing?

Not once was the name Jesus Christ mentioned.
They even mentioned the names of Hollywood celebrities who he has acquainted. That sure makes me want to go to church there.  If he knew a Hollywood star then he must really be the cat's meow (actually I am a dog person).

The name of Jesus Christ isn't mentioned once.  Not even in a quote from the priest.  Remember that name?  Jesus.  You know, the name that makes demons flee.   shhhhh don't say it you might ruin a good thing.

Now, here's the juxtaposition--don't give up hope yet---
While the name of Christ was not mentioned in the article about a Roman Catholic priest--I hear of another new pastor (this is not in the newspapers because it isn't 'popular') who has begun perpetual adoration at his parish.  
Good show.  He lives his pastorate with Eucharistic Adoration not a media blitz.

pray for our priests.