Thursday, December 8, 2011

Immaculate Conception

Well, we seem to be in the midst of it.
It is dark when you come home from work.
It is dark when you rise in the morning.
We only have about nine hours of light.
And, in our particular neck of the woods--the temperature has been in the 30's and it has been drizzling for one week---cold, damp, dismal.
You get the picture--yep we are in the middle of the darkness.
We are in the middle of the thickness of Advent.

Mary of Tihaljina
 pilgrimage 5/2011

So breaks in our God.
Like into the womb of St. Ann.
Today in the Gospel we hear of Mary's fiat--"Be it done unto me..."
But what of Ann's?
It's all connected, more than our feeble imaginations can allow
Ann and Mary and Jesus and Joachim and Joseph
Into and through humanity our God arrives.
In the midst of darkness there is light.
In the midst of sin there is redemption.
Tired of darkness?
Echo Mary's 'Yes'