Friday, July 27, 2012

Here We Go--What's on Your Reading List?

Let's get back into some blogging shall we?
How's this for a start?

I came across the above book in the midst of re-organizing a parish library.
I made a copy of the book's cover--as soon as the copy was produced the machine quit working! (seriously, the repairman was in today)

At one point, as the pastor and I weeded through the piles of books, I remarked how everything has been said at one time or another.  We reinvent the wheel about every 20 years--theologically and spiritually. Pick up the writings of St. Augustine, or St. Theresa of Avila, or St. Alphonse Liguori--and you will have a 'way' to holiness.  You don't need some pop psychology/theology approach.
But we complicate the obvious.  
Treat yourself--pick up a spiritual classic.

My lovely wife recently completed The Poem of the Man God by Maria Valtorta.
On her recommendation I began with volume one a couple weeks back.  All I can say is I wished I had read this back in seminary.  I am well aware of the controversy surrounding The Poem and I suggest the reader take a look at the above link concerning the Church's stance.  As recent events in the life of the church have shown--the greatest threat to the church is certainly not The Poem of the Man God.