Friday, September 14, 2012

Bullying and a Praylium observation

I have been working with teenagers and young adults for years.  On top of that, I have been a human (all my life).
Here is an observation--Bullying is Demonic

What makes a bully?
...a parent or maybe a lack of parent.
...low self esteem or an over-inflated ego?
...never being held accountable or feeling that the world owes you?
...envy and jealousy?
...maybe just plain sloth--I'm not going to work at it, and if you do--I will bully you.

How does a bully work?
...sometimes it's a frontal attack.
...often though it is behind ones back--with calculated pings.

Who else does calculated pings?
Yep, bullying is demonic.  It is rooted in demeaning the human spirit--that very creative power of the Almighty.  
Bullying happens everywhere. the school. the church.
....on the road. work.
....and, unfortunately even at play.

Why does it happen everywhere?  Because the demonic's purpose is to demean and disrupt anything that is good.
Stay strong--sometimes the battle gets a little rough.