Monday, October 29, 2012

Disturbing News or No Big Surprise?

I recently came across an article written by an older priest where he aptly described one of the dilemmas facing the Mother Church--we are running out of priests.  

I was ordained years ago into a church where the 'identity' of the priest was a common topic at most gatherings.  Social sciences were touted as having the answer to priestly despair, loneliness, delusions, addictions, disorders and unhealthy behaviors.  Speakers and retreat masters elevated beating drums, 12 step programs and enneagrams.  
I spent more time reading pop psychology self help books than I did scripture.

I can't remember confessions or a day of fasting ever being offered at a priest gathering (now, there is the possibility that I did ignore such and invitation, which in my case--shame on me, but I honestly can't remember confessions or fasting or even Eucharistic Adoration ever being part of a priest convocation)
Maybe it was just assumed?  I'm not sure. 

So are the numbers really a surprise?
Spiritually it makes perfect sense.