Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Goodbye Praylium (for now)

The other day I received a note concerning this blog.
In particular, the sender thanked me for my recent thoughts on Pope Benedict's leaving.
I didn't think I said anything except that it was time to pray..but thanks anyway!
In fact, before I received that note I was giving serious consideration to shutting down the Praylium blog.
I still am.

Here are my reasons.
1. I've nothing more to say.
2. The internet world is full of blog opinions and I'm done clogging it up.
3. Back in college I had to read a book--Man's Search for Meaning.  Remember 'ditto' machines?  Well this 8.5 x 11 book consisted of nothing more than 100 or pages of glued ditto pages, single spaced done on a typewriter.  It was my introduction to philosophy.  None-the-less I concluded that Man's Search for Meaning could only be completed when he surrendered totally to God's will and that even the pagan philosophers were onto that
There is no other "way" especially for a Christian.

Now, I am sure the above statement has ecumenical ramifications--of which do not concern me at this moment.
Come to think of it Man's Search....also has some gender issues.  If the book were published today I'm sure the title would be different--this also doesn't concern me at this moment.  Besides, I can't stand the plight of political and gender correctness that grips the Roman Catholic Church.
Many clergy and laity focus on all the wrong words simply because it's easier to do that than fast and pray and confess.

Here IS what concerns me--man's search for meaning--YOUR search for meaning comes only with a complete surrender to God's will.  The 'meaning' of the cross came through Christ's complete surrender.  


Nay, even some in the Church STILL DON'T GET IT and in recent days we are realizing the results of such actions.  
What a mess.

4.   My last reason is simply that I don't think there really is anything more I can write that hasn't been previously said or written.

So for now--Do what the Mother of God said:
1. Fast
2. Pray with the Heart, Pray your Rosary
3. Go to Confession
4. Receive Holy Eucharist
5. Read Holy Scripture

With the release of A Lost Shepherd I will continue to post occasional updates on that website concerning pilgrimages, speakings engagements, retreats, and--the possibility of a new book.