Saturday, November 9, 2013

Personal Change

After close to fourteen years out of it...I'm back in.
After trying to make a go at several other 'endeavors'...I went back to what I knew.
After working in the church off and on for forty some years...I stopped.
No hard feelings.
No excommunication (this time).
No internal angst.
Actually this time I was inspired to take this mini leap.
And I'm sure the Blessed Virgin had her hand in it.
At one point, in the midst of my discerning whether or not to take on this new position, I was observing a gathering of some people--who, suffice to say, were not connected to the church.  It is what I would be doing if I took this new job. I sat quietly and pondered as the meeting occurred.
"Come on God--just a little sign that I should be doing this..."
At that moment, I looked up and hanging on the wall behind a person who was crying hung....

a crucifix. 

I thought, "A disciple of Jesus would be in this room,
a disciple of Jesus would try to make a difference."

And so that is what I am trying to become...a disciple.

My work is taking me into a world I left years back.  It is a world filled with heartache, pain, suffering, neglect and abuse.  It is a world that desperately needs healing. 

 I hope Christ will have me, a lost shepherd, as His disciple in this world.

stay tuned...