Sunday, February 2, 2014

Going Retro III

For years I went against the grain.
Don't know why--
It's in my DNA

Now, I take some joy in watching my son do the same.

The iPad broke a while back.
Twitter was deleted.
The Facebook account is now gone.
I still have a phone.  But even that has become more of a nuisance.

I never needed the Facebook--that was only to help market the book, A Lost Shepherd.
As to the iPad, well I have to admit I did enjoy reading and some editing on the tablet as well as a game here and there.  But I've no desire to replace it.

I carry a book with me, or a magazine when I know I will have some time waiting for my son at a philharmonic practice or swim meet.

Yep, I'm officially old fashioned I suppose.
And the past month has been great.
It has helped me focus.

In many ways it helped me recapture my desire to still 'go against the grain'.

It is a lot like fasting.  The effects are very similar.  All the unnecessary sugars and fats are eliminated and the body cleanses itself and sharpens the senses.

Maybe I'll grow a mullet.