Monday, March 21, 2011

Anemic Church Bulletins

Last week I made my way around a few clergy priest blogs and took issue with one priest blogger (My Apologies).
Today I made my way around some online church bulletins (this might get uncomfortable).

Whoa, trees actually die for this?
Where's the meat?  Where's the challenge?  Where's the FAITH?

They all look the same.  Mass Times, Church Fundraisers, Diocesan Campaigns, School Fundraisers, and don't forget Last Week's Offertory.
Then of course there are the remarks of the pastor--which seem to fit into three categories:
1.  look at me
2. we all need to share our gifts (translated--we need money)
3. occasional theological or inspirational treatise (these do not occur as often as 1 & 2)

And don't forget photographs.

I think that's what raised the flag for me--there is a picture for everything---the bulletins aren't about Jesus Christ. 
They're about us. Something seems to have been misplaced or even replaced.
Jesus Christ has been replaced with information, news, financial bullet points, and a few social service activities.

It's just an observation but wouldn't it be great if inspiration was permitted and injected into church bulletins?