Monday, March 14, 2011


I should have trusted my gut the first time.
I even shared my experience with my wife and brother on the first day of the swim meet.

"There was a guy at the swim meet tonight who asked me about the rules for taking photographs."
"What about him?"  They asked.
"Well, I told him no flash photography was allowed.  And then I asked if he was a parent of one of the children swimming."
"Was he?"
"No.  He just said he was interested in swimming."
I continued, "I thought he had some fascination with numbers and times, because I would see him pull out a piece of paper and jot down notes."

He was at the swim meet for four days.  I saw him every day sitting in the stands.

Then it immediately clicked as I watched the next scene unfold.

I was down on the pool deck when I saw my wife having words with this strange man.
He was holding his camera and she was clearly yelling at him.  Then her she-bear instincts kicked in and she was coming at him.
He put on his jacket and hustled down the steep concrete steps of the pool balcony.
Quickly he turned and snapped a photo of my wife. 

By the time I got to the lobby.  He was gone and Pitt University personal were listening to my wife and brother describe what happened. 

The man was photographing boys and then recording each photograph according to the name on the scoreboard.
He was gone but with four days of film with hundreds of swimmers.

The response of The University of Pittsburgh's pool staff and police was incredible.  Bathrooms and Locker rooms were locked and the swim coaches and officials were notified.

If I sound accusatory or judgemental so what.
The guy was taking photos of my son.
He wasn't a parent, a coach, or even with the press.
Come on this is sick stuff.

It is demonic and evil.

Here is the lesson.  Trust your gut.  Trust your spiritual instinct.
Satan can mask and even seem to be harmless.

This was more than a ping from satan--it was a demonic predator--full of curses.

Doesn't this rot make you sick in the stomach--when your spiritual reaction is so strong that you physically manifest it?

On another note I received an email from Michael Brown who heads up the website SpiritDaily   (--a phenomenal wealth of church and spiritual matters you should bookmark.)

"Your name says it all!"
From one Michael to another I suppose.

Please pray for the kids today.