Monday, February 6, 2012


Announcements...what a terrible way to die.

A long time ago, in an Episcopal church far, far away--the rector inherited a liturgical celebration full of oddities.  At one point people would randomly stand and make their own announcement.  They ranged from selling flowers to volunteer forms to the occasional socio-economic-political agenda/fundraiser.  After a few weeks of observing that the same people were making the same announcements and that the same people had trouble hearing them, the rector made a decision.  He wanted the announcements to be submitted to the office so he could clearly pronounce them at the sunday service.
The move was seen as usurping control--which eventually contributed to his demise thus setting the stage for a rather miraculous intervention of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

 I guess announcements are what helped return me to the Catholic Church?!

Still, I  can't stand it when announcement overkill occurs.

I attended Holy Mass at a parish this weekend (in another diocese---of course it was far away).
There were a total of six announcements concerning two different collections (before Mass, then by the pastor, then by the cantor)
Then were two talks after communion.  One of which was a plea for another collection of funds following Mass (for a youth mission trip of which I completely understand the necessity--just poor timing).  The other talk was to inspire/invite people to Eucharistic Adoration (again I completely understand)
I am afraid however that the invitation to spend time in Adoration was completely lost--but of course the Holy Spirit will take care of that!

I scanned the congregation during the post communion talks and found that about 1/3 of them left following Holy Communion.
No wonder they announced the collections 6 times.

I left exhausted