Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ashes to Go? Honest to God.

**This might tick off a few people**

There is a link in this post.  It shares an Episcopal approach to Ash Wednesday where Episcopal and other ministers were taking to the streets to distribute ashes to the people of God.
I use to do that.
I used to think that I was taking the Gospel of Jesus to the marketplace, you know where the people of God really are.
I mean, after all, lets face it the lives of the people of God are so busy and so hectic.
Yep, just like the people of God were busy building the Tower of Babel.  
I recall one Ash Wednesday years back when I distributed ashes in a candy store.

In this context the distribution of ashes takes on a magical quality.  

While the words said may be, "Repent and turn to the Gospel...Remember you are dust..." what is really being said by the action is, "Don't worry, go on, God understands."