Thursday, March 1, 2012

Read the Comments

This is my response to a comment left on an earlier post (Opening Prayer)
It concerns a "pastoral" quandary a priest had with a prayer in the Roman Missal and someone's thinking that the prayers are too militant.

I checked out the blog and am very familiar with such an approach to liturgy. 
I often times abused my function as celebrant and took liberties with prayers even omitting what I thought was culturally insensitive. I even sometimes changed the word "man". It did nothing for the salvation of any soul and even perhaps jeopardized mine. Too bad he is distracted by the truth of what he describes as 'military-style' language.If we follow his logic then we must become more 'pastoral' with evil. Alright then--lets make everything neutral. satan scores (military language inserted). 

So, have a nice neutral Lent and don't worry God loves you, He did all the sacrificing, just sit back and enjoy--you have faith you don't need works and please please please be pastoral with evil, don't name it, don't even acknowledge it.