Monday, March 5, 2012

Confessions 24-7

The other day my son and I drove past what used to be an old Benedictine Church.
The order no longer has the parish--they left a few years back.  I'm not even sure it is open.
My son humored me as I pointed out the old convent, schools, church, and rectory.  "They even had a social club with bowling alleys in the basement, and over there", I pointed to what looked like a side porch on the three story stone rectory, "that door leads you into a little confessional.  You went in and rang a bell and a Benedictine Monk/Priest would come hear your confession--any time of the day or night."

He never heard of such a thing.

I doubt it is in use today.  Such a confessional set-up was not just for the people of God, but also for the local diocesan priests.
I wonder if the drop in people going to confession correlates with a drop in priests going to confession.  (please note....I didn't accuse, I simply wondered)