Tuesday, August 21, 2012

So My Head was Going to Explode...

This past Sunday I encountered one of the worst headaches of my life.
It was my fault.
I was power washing an outbuilding basement.
I thought I had good ventilation.
The first time I thought I just needed some air.  My brother had closed off one of the vent pipes with a bucket because water was coming out and inhibiting him from putting in a new window.
I realized this as I climbed out of the outside cellar entrance, gasping for air.
"You trying to kill me? I'm dizzy."
"You've always been dizzy." He replied.
"Good one."

(At that point I secretly hoped his window endeavor would end up crooked)

After a couple minutes I went back down.
The second time I emerged and that was it.
I was down for the count, the day, the evening, the night, and the next morning.

Now, in order that the truth be told without bias I need to share the way things happened immediately following my getting some oxygen back into my system.
My wife-doctor appraised, assessed, checked blood pressure and heart rate and assured me I would be okay.  She sent me to bed. 
While I was in bed my son and her decided to watch some dvd's on the end of the world and death.
Now, with a terrible headache--none like I ever had--I couldn't help but...well you know....
Besides I knew two people who died because of aneurisms.  So, while they were casually listening I was beginning to think of what priest should I call.

They left the room and then I began to fret.
Yep, I'm a baby.
Eventually I had myself convinced my head was going to explode.
That was it.  
On my gravestone---His last action was power washing--done in by a bucket over a drain pipe.
I kicked the bucket.

You know that time when you have a fever, or headache, or maybe just during those morning hours when you have a dream?  That's the time when something becomes a little more clear--perhaps a quandary or dilemma is solved, or maybe, just maybe an angel holds you and you are inspired.

Mine was simple.  
Read more Scripture.

My loving caring doctor wife continued to calm my fears.
In the morning I was embarrassed and shared it with her and my son.  Their reply was so very Christian.  First they made fun of me and then throughout the day told everyone about their father's inability to just take a pill and shut up.