Friday, December 7, 2012


--The study of Advent??

I thought a lot about Advent yesterday.
In fact most of my better thinking occurs when I'm in the stream fishing.
It's hunting season where I live.  This translates to empty streams. I lack the 'mammal hunting' part of the male DNA thus, the woods are full and the waterways are sparsely populated.

It all began with an 'Advent Gift' my lovely wife gave me this past Sunday--a fishing license for 2012.  While her intention was to give me a new fishing license for 2013 she accidentally clicked the wrong year.  So I have 20 some days left to hook some steelhead.  Begrudgingly I put on the waders and vest and ventured into the beautiful clear, crisp stream..ha.

I firmly believe that a signal transits through the water the very moment my wader hits the stream.  A radius extends out from my being keeping all marine life at bay.
Nonetheless I made my way to my favorite spot.
Only to be laughed at (I swear as time went on and I tried fly after fly--I saw a fish laugh at me).

"Why do I keep casting again and again when they're not taking anything?  I've been doing this for years!"
Again, again, and again.  The repetitive movement dulled my senses.

That's what God does to the soul.
Again--He offers love
Again--He offers hope
Again--He offers forgiveness.
Again and again and again.

The whole liturgical season is really about God's time with us--again and again and again.
Am I any deeper in union with God since last year?  Have I taken the hook?
Do I pray and give thanks to Him, again and again and again?  Have I taken the hook?
Do I confess and fast, again and again and again?  Have I taken the hook?
In other words---Where am I compared to last year at this time?  AM I GROWING DEEPER IN LOVE WITH GOD?

Eventually I was blessed with a steelhead on the other end--up and down the stream we went--finally he had enough jumped (laughed) and spit the fly back.