Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Out of No Where

The other evening we attended a rather remarkable performance of the local junior philharmonic.  On the way out, my lovely wife struck up a conversation with a lady.  I paid little attention and went about my business of going to get the car and have it warmed up for the return home.  Where we live, during this time of year, getting in a warm car when it is cold, snowy, and dark (at 5 pm) is truly a luxury.
It's the little things.

Anyways, it turns out that the conversation my wife was having had an almost immediate affect on our living room.
The lady was looking to unload an old spinet organ.

Three days later, my son and I braved a snowstorm and brought home the gift.

Here is the cool thing.  While I was very happy to have an organ--it wasn't just any organ.  It ended up being a 1962 Hammond m-100 model (nicknamed the baby b3 for all you hammond junkies).  That's right, the old hammond tube sound/reverb/leslie/toggle switch motor--I was in heaven--and it works!!  All we need is a little oil (on the wood and in the machine!)...and a bench.
My son and I can't help but break into the 12 bar blues--you name it he brings the instrument over...sax, bari sax, clarinet, flute, even oboe and english horn (though jazz oboe (next to sax) is very cool with an old hammond!

So, the point?  Tis the Season.
What a surprise.  What a cool gift.
It is spiritually obvious...isn't it?

Out of no where---in the dark cold night--