Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Going Retro

I dropped my iPad.
It has been about, well, since the beginning of Advent (more on that later)

I never really did anything productive with it.
I tried to read some books or glance at some motorcycle buyers guides.
I played some monopoly, blackjack, chess, and loved watching weather radars.
Looking back it was, for me, nothing but wasted time.
Probably more than I would ever admit.

Time I should have been praying.

So, it's broke.
I'm making no attempt at fixing it or even replacing it.
For a moment part of me wanted to fix it....because I was going to use it in a blues/rock band that my son and I are in.

One day I looked at the 1962 hammond sitting in the living room.
"Retro"  I thought.  "Time to go retro..."

It's been jumping around in my mind for some time--too connected.  And not 'too' connected to all the wrong stuff, but for me just too connected to stuff that doesn't matter.  It's easy to do in this world--to fill up our time with nothing--not even thoughts of God.  Really, do I care what the 36 hour forecast is?  I don't need to check CNN or glance at some ecclesial news portal--even if it is in passing and i'm not alienating my family.  My checking out the internet really does nothing for me.

...or my soul.

Now, don't jump down my throat...Yes I am using the internet at this very minute.  
But I have to tell you...I'm getting ready to go retro.
Or at least--quasi retro (cell phones and minimum blogging stuff)

Let's face it--I started this blog in order to continue sharing a snippet of faith wrapped in my experiences.  
Then I began a Facebook simply to help promote my book, A Lost Shepherd, and I even put together a YouTube video promotion. 
In the end however---i'm not sure why good this blogging has done or how my soul has grown because of wireless connectivity or even how many books sold.

Nope, time to go retro.

Oh, and a funny thing happened on the way through this Advent...At the beginning my prayer was simply 'Come Lord Jesus'.
Then the iPad broke.

I'll keep you posted.