Sunday, January 19, 2014

Going Retro Part II

Well, my quest for getting rid of the 'noise' has been ongoing.
Since the loss of the iPAD (see previous entry)--I've taken it a step further.
I deactivated A Lost Shepherd's Facebook account.

My only reason for having the Facebook was to do some self marketing for the work, A Lost Shepherd.  In the end I have learned that any 'marketing' would have to be handled by the Virgin Mary if she wanted this book to get out.  So I surrendered and let go.
I'm not sure how many books actually were ordered through Facebook 'friends' or connections--but it wasn't enough for me to warrant getting photos or updates or recipes from people I didn't even know.  For me (and please note I prefaced this with 'For me...') ...For me Facebook was doing absolutely nothing for my salvation or even the salvation of anyone else.  

Simply put, the people I need to stay in touch with are available the 'old fashion way'--phone.
I'm not judging others' use--just sharing that my intention for Facebook was to sell some books and not enter deeper into a virtual social connection. The books really aren't selling through Facebook, ergo---no need to post updates and befriend and check in and out of a virtual world.
Of course I learned a little more about the virtual social world and am amazed at the amount of clergy and religious who seem to spend and inordinate amount of time updating and sharing and homilizing....amazing!

So, this going retro is great gift.  It helps me get re-focused.

The only 'virtual' world I will enter is the writing I have on Praylium and A Lost Shepherd.

And there will be some writing to seems that I will be traveling to the Vatican this spring for Pope John Paul II's canonization.
I have a story about John Paul and his intercession in my life and I will begin to share it in a few days.