Monday, July 4, 2011

Assaulted...a Praylium Moment

So there we were on a weekend holiday bicycle ride.  We were coming near the end of our trek which promised a couple scoops of custard for our gang; my lovely wife, son, brother, and my wife's sister.  We waited at a rather tough intersection, clipped in to the pedals and ready to move at the green light.  My wife and her sister were on the tandem, the rest of us on singles.  Out of no where comes a big suburban towing a big boat, cutting us off and passing us in the middle of the intersection--not giving us any time or safety to get through.

If it was just me--I would have said a bad word and let it go--but the move endangered my family.
I gave chase.
Yep, a man in spandex on a bike-- chasing a testosterone fueled suv and boat.
They pulled off the road and next thing I knew....
I was on the ground having been pulled off my bike by a rather large man.
So, cut off at the intersection then pulled off the bike.

My brother was off his bike ready to scrap.  I wasn't so ready physically but at least verbally I started.  My son seized the moment and decided to share his knowledge of some vulgarity...nice.
My attorney sister-in-law had my legal back and added her two cents.
A young lady came out of her house and offered ice...a conservation officer sped past to some other emergency and I called 911.

Here's the funny thing--the man who assaulted me wasn't even the driver.  The driver acknowledged his wrongdoing and laid down in the grass while we waited for the State Police.  The passenger who assaulted me--continued to try to show me how 'right' he was.
My back was torqued and it matched my temper.
Soon calm prevailed and that's when my wife took over.  She convinced me that either I pursue the assault or let it go.
I didn't want to spend time in an emergency room--especially on the weekend of the 4th of July.
I called the State Police dispatch and told them the matter was settled.  Then walked over and told him I am not filing a report.  The man kept trying to talk his way out of it--his ego made me sick.  Cut off people on bicycles and then jump out of your suv and pull a guy off his bike--and you think you're okay doing this?

Where do people get this?  Do what you want, cut corners, save time, tramp on whoever whenever, allow greed and speed to rule your daily way--then if anything or anybody gets in your way--run em over or at least pull them off their bike.

Granted--I should not have rode as fast up the hill towards them after they endangered us at the intersection.  (I should have listened to my wife and 'let them go')  But the world seems to be filled with people like this.  Maybe your family, maybe your workplace--people who seem to think they are entitled to do whatever they want.  For some reason I just had enough.  Maybe it was a PRAYLIUM moment

In the end my wife asked him; "Are you Catholic?"
"Yes I am."
"Then you need to go to confession."
"Okay, I will, I haven't been there in years...but I will."

So hopefully a guy goes to confession and hopefully his soul grows closer to Christ.  Getting pulled off a bike is still easier than being fed to a lion.
In the meantime I will continue the motrin and get some new handlebar tape.

Oh, and be careful out there--cause spiritually there is always someone trying to cut you off and knock you down.