Saturday, July 2, 2011

Garage Sale

We need to do them.
And they take work.  First the physical, then the emotional....
There's that whole climbing up in the attic, or to the back of the shed, or down in the basement--all those places we 'store' stuff.
You know--those old pokemon cards that your son stopped playing with, the perfumes your wife stopped wearing, the books that have been read, coffee mugs--and more coffee mugs, and of course you can't forget a 22 by 50 foot solar cover for a built in swimming pool that was hotel size, oh and the engagement ring (my lovely wife said we don't need it).
Then there's a rug--5.00--but it's a cool rug---i grew up with it then it ended in our house for the past 13 years--but it has seen better days.
In its' day it held generations of family and the seasons and life of a family--you know from evenings in front of the black and white tv to naps and dogs and twister and generations of parties, funerals, first communions, and an ordination.  It held about 7 dogs and countless spills and accidents.
The rug went quick.  Thanks be to the rug angels because I was tired of moving it.  It wasn't a bad day because we even got rid of a toilet tissue holder.

We need to occasionally have garage sales for our spirit--we need to get rid of all that stuff that just gets moved around and never used.  We need to get rid of what doesn't 'work' any more--only after careful discernment.
Reconciliation is a chance to get rid of the crap we keep moving around in our life.

I don't want to parallel this garage sale/spirituality thing too much--because i don't want to offend the intelligence of the praylium readership.  But you get the idea.
Oh, one more thing.  Remember satan has a very simple goal--to keep your soul away from God--he will use any way, any practice, any sin, and any inclination, usually congruent with your personality, to achieve his end.  So if having too much stuff in your spiritual life is keeping you from progressing--even if it appears to be 'good' --then it's time to have a moving sale.