Monday, July 18, 2011

Weeds and Wheat

Yesterday I heard a pretty good homily.  The priest talked about God's radical way--so radical that he allows the weeds to grow right alongside the wheat--a pretty bad farming practice.
Seeing that this blog is about the spiritual battle--I offer a few additional thoughts on the Gospel according to Matthew (13: 24-31)

  • Except to a trained eye--when a seed first sprouts it can easily be confused to be something that it isn't.  Only after time does it show it's true colors and the true intention of it's existence.
  • There is a constant struggle between good and evil--all the time--sometimes this struggle is conscious but often times it is not.
  • The wheat cannot 'weed itself'  This is actually the point I want to play with. Why would I think that I could get rid of the weeds when it was 'the enemy' who sowed them?  No.  I need a much more powerful entity to combat the demonic--Christ.  Evil is counting on me trying to beat it all by myself.  It is my very pride that makes me think that I have a handle on it.  
  • I need the patience in order to continue to grow even among the weeds.  I need the patience and trust to hope that God will indeed keep His promise and send the 'harvesters'--but know that it will be in God's time and in God's way--just stay ready.