Sunday, August 7, 2011

Me and St. Pete

I have to admit--I really didn't listen to the priest's homily today.  My lovely wife said it was pretty good.
I was pre-occupied with a thought that hit me at the conclusion of the Gospel.
Here is a snippet...

It was the story of Peter stepping out of the boat and walking on the water towards Jesus.  A storm blew up, Peter lost his concentration, Jesus saved him and then asked him why he had such little faith.

I closed my eyes and imagined my conversation with St. Peter.
"Come on Pete--I mean you have seen how many miracles by now? And you're coming off the feeding of the five thousand--and now Christ is walking to you on the water and you say, 'if it's you--command me', and you're on the water walking man!  Then you become frightened?  What's up with you?
You had everything right before you and you blew it...again."

St. Peter looked at me and quietly said,  "So do you."