Thursday, August 11, 2011

Search Keyword

St. Michael the Archangel...defend us in battle our safeguard
...against wickedness
...and snares
...and temptations

Most likely because of the title Praylium and a page entitled Satan's Pings this blog receives alot of 'hits' from people who type a variety of searches using keywords like;  temptation, evil, demons and satan..  I am not sure if they are looking to align themselves with darkness, or for information, or a way out of their present condition.
Not a day goes by where this website isn't hit by some searching soul.

Yes, it is a spiritual battle out there, in there, and everywhere---for your soul.

Where you at?
It takes work you know?  Work and prayer.  Whatever works for you--find it and stick with it.  Never let up...cause darkness always comes around and takes advantage of every moment.  The 'father of lies' will mask himself as good and rational.  satan preys on transition times in our lives.  Those are the times when we excuse ourselves more readily.  satan preys on times when our hearts ache and are broken, when we are depressed and when we are anxious.

Give us this day, our daily bread.
Free us from anxiety as we wait in joyful hope...

So, where are you at?  You doing the work?  You climbing the Cross Mountains in your life?  You praying and fasting?
For those of you who searched a key word and got this site---what are you doing with your soul?
The Holy Spirit lead you here--now it's your turn to do something with it.

And here is the Good News...Really Who are you searching for?
No matter how far off the mark we have been or become---Christ is waiting.
Come home.

pray for all who happen upon this site by 'accident'.