Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An old youth minister and an atheist..

I began another chapter in my ministry 'career' today--still holding onto my imaginary title of being the oldest youth minister in the diocese.
I unlocked the office door and found a place to open the lap top--and I was off.
I set up an email and tweet account, picked some dates for the initial meetings, and started getting some names and numbers.

I sat back in my chair and gazed out the window.  I thought of the first youth ministry I formed many years ago in a diocese far far away.
It was a phenomenal group.  I was a young priest who happened to be at the right parish at the right time.  We did the rallies, retreats, and mission trips-- It was a graced time.
But I didn't do my job.
I didn't teach the faith--good enough.
You see, a few years ago, I heard that one of the members of that original group was now an atheist.
Yeh, I know--it really isn't my fault--but you know what?  It inspired me to do better.

Who knows maybe one of the youth from the past couple of years or one from this about to be formed group will be the one to bring him back?

Jesus did feed five thousand.....

For this newly formed ministry---your prayers are appreciated
you can follow us on twitter @stjoesbol
let us know your prayers are with us.