Friday, September 13, 2013

Cello Jokes and the Spiritual Life

Yes, I have heard a bunch of cello jokes since my last entry.
By far the shortest and best one was---"There is always room for cello"

True humor is intrinsic and the truth it shares needs to peek through just a little.
For me, the fewer the words--the better.

My father is in his 90's and is an old violinist.
After scratching and getting hand, neck, arm, and finger cramps--I will usually bring the cello over to his room, set it down, and go about some other business.  Eventually I will hear a beautiful sound.
It's Dad--using his old horsehair bow.  
Perhaps I won't ever be able to sound like him--but it isn't about that is it?
It's about memories.
All because of a cello.
All because of a gift from my wife and my desire to learn something new.

So I began to think...Often we go through the spiritual life (or not go through it) doing and saying and performing the same disciplines and it can become mundane.  
The fact is--there are many spiritual 'gifts' out there.  We need only to have the desire to accept and try it.
Try a 'new' spiritual practice, shake it up a bit.
Maybe begin to journal.
Or say a different prayer.
Maybe change the spiritual routine--throw in a true bread and water fast, or read a different book, or do a consecration.  

Often times the fruits aren't what we expect.