Monday, September 30, 2013

Reform and Humility

I am still thinking about the topic-- 'reform'
Like most people who read these meanderings--I have a love for Jesus.
And, like the majority of people who glance at my thoughts--I have a love for the Roman Catholic Church. ( I also have an appreciation for the Anglican Church--but that is another topic for another day)

My love for Jesus is not the same as my love for the Roman Catholic Church.
I love Holy Eucharist because it IS JESUS.
I love Confession because through it JESUS forgives.
I love all the sacraments (why not? I've experienced all of them!)
It is through the Church that I encounter my Savior
Sadly, I also encounter that which is not my Savior.
It often masks itself as 'good' and may even come across as dignified.  But the spiritual reality is--where there is good there is evil.  Prayer and fasting helps to combat such darkness.

I've been keeping tabs on a 'reform' website and there was one sentence in particular that stood out;
"These people don't need healing" (writer was referring to the reform group he/she represents)
So, let me get this straight---no, forget it. I can't even believe such a comment was made.
Sounds like they want a messiah who is going to overthrow Rome and the oppressive government.

See how they love one another?
See our Church?
Its a community of disconnected worlds--clergy and laity, bishops and priests, diocesan administration and clergy, bishops and laity.
And it is getting worse.

I wonder more and more when I hear the petitions at Holy Mass.   We've heard it for years-- "We pray for vocations to the priesthood and religious life."  Sometimes the vocation of married and single life are also mentioned (like sitting at the kid's table).
Concerning the priesthood and religious life--what are we inviting the discerning soul to consider? Really?  More and more religious communities require the prospective novitiates to arrive debt free.
And what about diocesan priesthood?  What are we inviting the discerning man to consider?  Parish debts, mergers, closures, angry parishioners and some of their brother priests with personal agendas and anger?  What are we inviting them into?  It is obvious that there is a chaos--obvious to any discerning soul.

I often wonder where the church would be if it hadn't been challenged to become more 'transparent'  Would it have dealt with it's own immorality if it wasn't pressed or threatened?  Or would it have been business as usual?  Pride is elusive.

Often the argument is made that the shortage of priestly vocations is due to the Church's teaching and adherence to celibacy. I may give that a few points---but the issue isn't celibacy.

 The issue is pride--the opposing force to humility.

Christ did not found a prideful Church.  He founded a Church that was to be lead by humble holy priests and people.

If we truly want reform then humility must prevail FOR ALL--from laity to clergy to administration. 
fast with humility (no one need to know you're fasting)
pray with humility
humbly seek reconciliation
on your knees receive Eucharist
in the quiet of your heart read Holy Scripture

and...humbly walk with your God.