Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Cello

My lovely wife bought me a cello.
I received a cello, a bow, some rosin, and a beginner's book (plus a cool t-shirt and a notepad)
Yesterday I played 'crunching cookies' on the open strings of A D G & C.

I am learning something new--well into middle age--and it sounds awful (no really, it does sound awful)

I love it.

Of course my cello event reminds me of the spiritual journey.
Receiving the cello was very exciting--just like receiving any gift.  Alone and untouched the cello propped in the middle of my little room held promise and possibility.  Beautiful pieces of music lay in the wood and strings.
I had some chores and duties to take care of before I could devote the time to my first official practice and I couldn't finish them quick enough.  During those hours I imagined myself picking up the instrument with ease and it would only be six months or so before I could play some nice pieces and audition as a chamber musician.
I closed my door, rosined the bow, opened the book (adjusted the angle of the book several times due to bifocals), positioned the instrument and.......

I know what I want to hear, but my hand cramped before I could even get each string to play by itself.

A force in the spiritual life is one's will.  The goal being a total uniting of one's will to God's will--spiritual union, a marriage of the soul to Christ.  Such a journey involves moments when the soul is initially attracted to its final purpose as well as times when the soul feels abandoned by the very Love it seeks.

I clearly desire to learn how to play the cello.  It enticed me for years with the beauty of its music and the promise that I could learn how to play.

The difference between the journey of the cello and the journey of the spirit?  There is more hope for the soul's union.

I have my first official lesson this Saturday