Tuesday, May 29, 2012


In what seemed like a blink of an eye we arrived at Dubrovnik airport.

Then it started.
First the power shuts off in the entire airport leaving us in the pitch dark for a moment.
Then out of nowhere hail starts to bounce off our bus windshield.
Our guide smiled and whispered to my wife and I, "There will be great and many fruits for this group."
But more was to come...
We began reciting the rosary...
Never before had I witnessed such a phenomena.
From the sky--a fireball shot towards us striking the road some 20 yards in front of us. Then the driver pointed to the temperature which dropped from 28 to 7 Celsius (40F difference)
Hail began to drown out our prayers.

We rolled up our spiritual sleeves and prayed louder.

Soon after we pulled into Medugorje we wasted little time...we attended Mass this evening and went to confession.

Pray for us.
And you are in ours.

(I am having trouble posting photos to this site)