Thursday, May 24, 2012


We leave in a few days for our Medjugorje Pilgrimage.
Thanks for the prayers.

Speaking of prayers--
 I opened my email today and someone sent me prayer petitions to take with me to Medjugorje.
It is the practice that pilgrims collect prayers from individuals and carry them on the journey.
They are then given to the Virgin Mary via one of the visionaries during an apparition.
I first heard of this practice years ago when I went on my first pilgrimage.  The pilgrimage director said, "Don't forget to write your petitions on a piece of paper and give them to me."
I'll be honest--I thought it was kind of silly.  I mean, after all I pray to God and Jesus and even ask the Blessed Virgin along with some other saints to intercede.  I knew way too much theology and philosophy and psychology and even spirituality.  Come on, do I really need to write down what is in my heart?

So I did what every overeducated priest/minister/therapist would do.
I looked to my wife.
She was writing.

I fumbled for a piece of notebook paper and a pen and I wrote one sentence.

Days later I was knocked off my horse, blinded by the Holy Spirit, and stricken mute by an angel.

Don't tell me there isn't something to writing a petition.
Writing is not a passing thing.  It isn't fleeting.  Barring physically erasing or destroying what was written, writing is permanent.  Somehow when you write--God responds and then writes on your heart.

I hope everyone who is going is being touched with petitions.